ICC Michigan



Everyone is Welcome!

ICC Michigan is a church that God established in 1999 in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  ICC Michigan congregations acknowledge that ICC Michigan is one big family in Christ.

We are not only get together once a week for Sunday service but we also have activities during the week days.  Most of the congregation get together in a group at different vicinity on Thursday night, Friday night as well as Saturday morning and evening.

Many new comers meet their friends and family in Christ through cell groups; each cell members strengthen each other, accept them with open heart and support those who has needs.

Together, we will grow to love each other; we strive to be a church who pray and worship God, have Christ like characters who will enlighten and provide hopes to the world.  With open heart and hand, we would like to welcome each one of you.


Visiting Michigan for the first time?

For those of you who will be visiting Michigan to study (University of Michigan, Eastern Michigan University, or Wastenaw Community College) or moving to Michigan permanently (job transfer, job offer, migrating from Indonesia to USA), you may contact us @ 

if you need any assistance with the following items but not limited to;

1.  Transportation from Airport to Ann Arbor (or other areas)
2.  Recommendation for accommodation/areas
3.  Questions about Ann Arbor areas and surroundings
4.  All other questions